10 Refined Cowhide Rugs that will add Visual Texture and a Unique Shape to Your Space

Cowhide rugs are long-lasting rugs that include natural-toned patterns, an exclusive shape, and visual texture to your space. Cowhide rugs are excellent for matching your cowhide furniture, which is gaining popularity these days. This type of rug will endure plenty of wear and tear as it witnesses a lot of foot traffic. In addition, the rug is resilient against spills and stains.



Consequently, if any of your guests or children spills something on your cowhide rug accidentally, all you need to do is to wipe it off. More importantly, cowhide rug is incredibly flexible, making it the ideal fabric for a quality carpet. Likewise, this rug is perfect for you if you are one of those people who are prone to animal allergies. It is because cowhide is hypoallergenic naturally.

Here are some cowhide rugs for you if you are looking for a new rug to complement your home décor.


1. Pellis Cowhide Rug

It is a real handcrafted rug. It comes in a general hodgepodge pattern and style that is exceptional to each piece. This rug won’t overshadow any room, even though its unique design is undoubtedly dazzling and its dark tones are gratifying in any space. The underneath of the silky material is lined for it to stay in place wherever it is placed.



2. Faux Cowhide Area Rug

This rug offers a rich and silky feel underfoot, and it is available in two sizes. It is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for faux animal-print accents.


3. Tricolor Cowhide Rug

These qualities and high-rated, natural cowhides have different patterns and markings in black, brown, and white. Their stunning appearance and genuineness at an exceptionally reasonable amount make them the choice of all and sundry.



4. Victory Genuine Cowhide Rug 

It is an authentic ebony cowhide rug for people who adore Southwest-stimulated décor but don’t like going full-on with the appearance. It is a ‘crafty’ home intonation that puts natural attractiveness on display. If you want to keep its extravagant feel together for many years to come, match it up with a rug pad and turn it about frequently.


5. Cowhide Patchwork Rug

It is an exceptional and differently made area rug in Argentina. It offers a matchless appearance to your living space.



6. Patch Cowhide Rug

With an appealing underfoot texture, this particular patchwork area rug features a restrained pattern detail. Patch cowhide rugs are an asset that won’t go wrong or wear, even in high-traffic areas.


7. Brazilian White Devour Cowhide Area Rug

Leather cowhide that is seriously soft. It offers an unanticipated but unique accent in an irregular shape in opposition to a room with lighter tones.



8. Grey Freckles Cowhide Rug

It is a natural hide with a monochromatic flecked pattern. Grey freckles cowhide rug has flawless sturdiness, smoothness, and sheen to last for a very long time.


9. Room And Board Cowhide Rugs

This genuine cowhide rug is your ideal fit if you want to furnish a full-sized room. The natural stain-resistant properties and soft feel underfoot of room and board cowhide rugs make them a quality pick.


10. Silk Screen Zebra Cowhide Rug

You can’t find much better than silkscreen zebra cowhide rug if you have been longing for an animal-print statement rug for your home. What makes it a dream rug to pad around on is its soft pile and beautiful coat.



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